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Post-summer nostalgia 

Therini Rastoni 

"Therini Rastoni" (best equivalent english translation would be "Summer Slump") is a piece that anthologises electronic, pop and disco elements. The track encompasses a pervasive post-summer nostalgia. Despite its electronic energy (fast beat, imposing synthesizer riff), the earthy elements of the vocals and the rhythm guitar take us on a journey through the enchanting moments of first love, the freedom of summer and the often abrupt landing in reality. Depicting the beginning of self-acceptance, "Therini Rastoni" narrates the transition from carefree childhood to the more introspective realm of adulthood.

Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Production: Anna Coda

Co-production, Programming, Mixing: @Cayetano

Mastering: Kostas Ekelon

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