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Anna Coda Molysmeni Disco




Anna Coda is a Greek singer, songwriter, and music producer born in Athens in 1990. Her sound can be described as “a collage-genre that navigates around dance pop music” and “grooves that move you”.


About the artist: Anna Coda considers expression as the primordial purpose of art. Her lyrical style is a mix of confessional narration and surrealism. Her pieces oftentimes explore themes of loneliness, love, self-awareness, and identity. She was trained in classical piano (Athens Conservatoire) and guitar (with musician Aggelos Kravaritis). Since 2021, she’s been collaborating with Greek DJ and producer Cayetano.


A story told by a name: In music, a coda (Italian for "tail") is a passage that brings a music piece to an end. The nickname “Anna Coda”, an obvious play on words, brings the artists’ name to the front, allowing it to become a self-deprecating, psychoanalytical game.


Her first original track, "Molysmeni Disco," was released in March. Her second single, "Therini Rastoni," will be released on September 15th.

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